Banana Beach
 on Coral Island in Phuket is the best private beach and a hidden treasure between Phuket and Coral Island. Banana Beach is an island activities and the best for snorkeling, leisure and provide all sea sports including private party on the beach.
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Banana Beach, Coral Island, Phuket - Best Private Beach in Phuket
Banana Beach at Coral Island, Phuket (Koh Hey called by locally) Banana Beach is a sightly private beach in Phuket, located in Rawai, Phuket Province, about 10 km from Chalong Pier. Coral Island, Phuket has two main beaches, Banana Beach is a private beach, another beach is the front of Coral island called Long Beach is a public beach. Coral Island (Koh Hey) is one of  32 islands around Phuket voted  the most popular tourist destination for holiday in Phuket.
Banana Beach-Coral Island, Phuket Tours
Banana Beach at Coral Island, Phuket has an abundance of nature rush green trees, marine resources, crystal clear blue sea, clean white sand beaches. Banana Beach, Phuket is  center for Beach Activity and Sea Sports. There are so many choices of sports and activities to play which you can choose  such as Parasailing, Banana Boat, Zip line and more to match your expectation  while service by professional staff.
Banana Beach, Coral Island, Phuket
We highly recommend the best month to visit Banana Beach, Coral Island, Phuket from November till May, after that it's will be start a monsoon season but you can travel to Banana Beach everyday  except for  the day no heavy rain, rough wave or storm.
Hornbill in Banana Beach,Koh Hey, Phuket
Banana Beach, Coral Island, Phuket Boat Tours & Activity on the Island
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Banana Beach, Koh Hey, Phuket Tour Catamaran
Banana Beach, Phuket Tour Speedboat
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Banana Beach Coral Island Phuket
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Phuket Tour Banana Beach, Coral Island
Banana Beach, Coral Island, Phuket Private Speeddboat
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