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   Term & Condition
Dear Value Customer
We would like to thank you to support us and trust in our services. Read our term and conditions carefully before booking. We are ready to provide any further information you may need or answer any questions you may wonder with great willingness.
1.) Who we are?
1.1 )  We are Thai tour operator based in Phuket register under Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) License No. 34 / 00395  to operate all tours around The Kingdom of Thailand. But we specific to operate all sea tour and sea transfer around Phi Phi Island, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Ao Nand and Railey
1.2)  We also register with  Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce, (DBD) that's mean we are legal tour company to responsible for the tours and who is organizing the tours / boat / bus / meal / equipment and land transfer.
1.3)  You / Buyer / Guest is the second party mean "Customer"  who has booked and need us to organize the tours / package and service above and paid direct via Phuket Web Direct and
1.4)  The tour operator has the legal responsibility towards the customer and protect Customer / Buyer under Thai Government Law and has the moral responsibility towards the customer / buyer.
2.) How to book?
2.1) Customer can book via email and fill in the BOOKING FORM on each tour program or you can require need any special requirement.
2.2)  Customer can book via phone No +66 0 8 6476 5546 /  +66 0 8 6487 6711 WhatsApp / line automatically. Email; [email protected]  ( Service hour from 8.00am - 17.00pm everyday in Thai time )
2.3)  After received your booking, our staff will reply and confirm your booking within 24 hour or within 1-2 business day. The customer must be make a payment and we will re-confirm your booking by sent you a tour voucher by e-mail within 24 hours  or within 1-2 business day. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check that such an e-mail has been received and contact us immediately by e-mail if it has not been received.
3.)  Deposit &  Payment Policy ( Individual & Group )
 3.1) Full payment is require when we receive and confirm your booking. For individual and group tours payment may be different period.
3.2)  Deposit /  full payment is necessary for group.  We will notify you by email or in case by case
4.)  Cancellation Policy ( Individual )
All tours must be cancelled by e-mail / Phone. We specify  the period of cancellation are as following
4.1)  *** Incase of you make a booking on a day and need to cancel in the same day before 7.30pm you will get full refund to your account.
4.2)  Incase  of you make a cancel after the day you booked 2-15 days and over 7.30pm. We will charge 3% and the rest of the money will be transfer to your bank account within 30-45 days depend on your bank process and area or which country.
4.3)  A confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to the customer by e-mail.
5.)  Type of Group Tour & Group Cancellation Conditions
5.1)  ***  A group tours maximum of 40+ guests , Must be make a cancellation 30-45 days before travel date. If lower  than1 month we will charge 3% of tour cost *** Exceptions to this cancellation rule are Cruise Party  for which the customer is required to cancel the tour 1 month before travel date This cancellation rule such we buy or prepare some equipment, foods, bus , boat, food on the island, entertainment, alcohol drink, etc. We will notify you clearly by email.
5.2)  ***  A small group tours have no more than 24 guests. Must be make a cancellation 15 Days before travel date. If lower  than15 days. We will charge 3% of tour cost *** Exceptions to this cancellation rule such we buy or prepare some equipment, foods, bus , boat, food on the island, alcohol etc. We will notify you clearly by email.
5.3)   *** A private groups have no more than 12 guests.  Must be make a cancellation 15 Days  before travel date. If lower  than15 days. We will charge  3%  of tour cost *** Exceptions to this cancellation rule such we buy or prepare some equipment, foods, bus , boat, food on the island, alcohol etc. We will notify you clearly by email.
6.) Change the Tour Policy
6.1)  All changes to a tour (No. of pax, date, pick-up location, time etc) is free of charge and must be communicated via e-mail / Phone / WhatsApp / Line latest 7-15 day before 16.00pm by specifying the tour voucher number for the tour in question.
7.) No Show Policy
7.1)  Should the customer not standby or wait for pick up at the place as we notify and time specified on the tour voucher, or does not go on the tour for other reasons, no refund is applicable no matter the reason.
7.2) *** Should the customer choose to travel with own transportation to the Pier, Marina anywhere in Phuket while you book the tour. We will provide all detail such the name of the Pier will be show in the tour voucher and a latest arrival time will be specified. Iืn case of the customer travels by own vehicle and arrive late while tour depart already Regarded is the fault of the customer and under this circumstances, Phuket Web Direct will not be refunded all payment.
7.3) Should the tour operator fail to pick-up the customer, the customer (or the hotel reception) must call our hotline telephone number specified on the tour voucher  after the specified pick-up time. Any other means of communication (e-mail etc) is strictly not accepted.
7.4)  In case of customer late and the tour operator claim that they were at the place at time specified on the tour voucher and we have not received  contact such a telephone call from the customer no refund is applicable. To prove the case request may be made to tour operator for GPS tracker log, photos etc and to customer for contact details of hotel staff witness, photos, hotel CCTV footage etc.
8.) Claims / Refund
8.1)  Any claims in regards to a tour must be communicated by e-mail by the customer not more than 7 days after the tour date.
8.2)  Any personal incident/inconvenience that may lead to a claim must be reported to Phuket Web Direct at the time of occurrence by calling the hotline number specified on the tour voucher or by asking the tour guide to call our hotline number.
8.3)  Any refund due to an incident/inconvenience that has been fulfilled by paragraph 1 and 2 can only be granted if the incident/inconvenience is verifiable by the tour operator and the tour operator agrees to grant a refund.
8.4)  *** Any refund will be paid back in the same way as the tour was paid for. Refund  payment will be refunded via PayPal and Bank account. We will not take  responsibility about money transfer fee in any case.
9.)  National Park Fee
There are many national park around southern of the kingdom of Thailand. when you take a trip to Phi Phi Island and Phang Nga Bay that's mean you are traveling in the National Park which control by "Department of National Parks, wildlife and Plant Conservation" and the governor officer will be collected the national park entrance fee
9.1)  Phi Phi Archipelago the National Park fee for foreigner ADULT 400 THB  / CHILD  200 THB ( approximate age 4-12 )
9.2)  Phang Nga Bay National Park fee for foreigner ADULT 300 THB  / CHILD 150 THB ( approximate age 4-12 )
When book the tours with us. We will notify you clearly about the National Park fee
10.)  Islands & Beach Fee
NATIONAL PARK FEE, ISLAND and BEACH fees are very similar. Some islands in Thailand are private islands or private beaches and owned by individuals or company with documents / title deed confirmed by the government. So if you want to go up to those islands / Beach You may have to pay a very high price. For example
10.1)  Tonsai Pier ( Phi Phi Don) will be collect 20 THB / Person / Adult
10.2)  Kahung Beach ( Coral Island will collect 200 THB / Person or 500 THB / Boat )
10.3)  Banana Beach ( Coral Island will collect 300-500 THB / Person
10.4) We will notify you by email or tour voucher clearly
11.)  Pregnant Women
Pregnant women are not allowed on any speedboat tour, longtail boat tour, Please inform us before travel Should the tour operator refuse access to the tour due to pregnancy, no refund is applicable.
12.)  Children and Elderly
Customer must inform us if you have children under 1 years old and persons over 70 years old are not allowed on any speedboat tour. Should the tour operator refuse access to the tour due to the age limits, no refund is applicable.
13.) Tour Operator's Disclaimer
The tour program is subject to change dependent on weather / sea conditions / land transfer. In such a case no compensation is applicable Just case by case or change to another day.
14.)  Tour Operator & Agent's Disclaimer
14.1)  Phuket Web Direct use a determined tour operator for each tour and the tour program on the website is based on the tour program for that tour operator. However, if the tour with that tour operator is fully booked, Phuket Web Direct reserves the right to book with another tour operator for which the tour program is similar but may be slightly different.
14.2)  Phuket Web Direct reserves the right to cancel a tour for anyone whom we, on our own discretion, decide has acted inappropriate or abusive to our service or staff. In such a case the payment will be refunded in full.
1.5)  Phuket Web Direct will not offers any refund at all to anybody whom we found has been trying to get a refund in a fraudulent  manner such, change the voucher, total of payment,  cheating age,  change equipment or any case  that lead to corruption.
We would like to thank you again for supporting us and please guide us to know the problem that happened. We will be very pleased to listen and continue to make corrections
Your Faithfully,
Management Team ( Hotline +66 0 8 6476 5546 )

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